The Importance of Facebook Advertising: Choosing your Advertising Objective

As a small business owner, having vibrant and well-engaged social media pages are a must. Without social media, your business is not able to grow as rapidly as your competitors, and will not seem as credible to your clients.

The reason for this is simple: social media is the most efficient method available today for your business to connect with clients, research competitors, and to develop measurable statistics.

And, most importantly of all, social media allows business owners to advertise to targeted audience of their choice; at any time, and as often as they desire.

Social media advertising will drive potentially thousands of new followers to your social media pages, as well as new website visitors. And, if designed correctly, social media advertisements can result in multiple sales for your business.

So, knowing this information, how does one business owner utilize it? Creating an effective social media advertisement is no easy task; it takes knowledge, time, patience, and a monetary investment. To begin, many small businesses start by using Facebook Ads. The reason Facebook Ads are chosen is due to the highly advanced and user-friendly advertising tools that Facebook offers. Not to mention that, worldwide, there is over 1.59 billion monthly Facebook users, with a 14 percent increase each year.

But, how are effective Facebook Ads created, and how can I guarantee they will provide a return on investment for my business? Follow the steps below, and learn how today:

Create a Facebook Page for your Business

Before advertising your business on social media is possible, a Facebook page must be created. While creating the Page, be sure to:

  • Use your businesses registered operating name,
  • create a logo and cover photo that represents your brand,
  • provide a link to your company website (call-to-action button),
  • ensure you have access to a wealth of stock photos,
  • have your website in full operating order, and most importantly,
  • have engaging content ready to post regularly.

Here is an example of an effective social media page:

Notice anything? While the business may not have thousands of likes, they are doing an outstanding job with posts, videos, and photos. All of their content is original, and very engaging. Links to their website are clearly visible, as well their location, and customer reviews. Victoria Family Chiropractic is the perfect example of a effectively maintained Facebook Page.

But, what are they missing? The answer clear: advertising.

Creating an Ad

To begin, simply click on the Promote button on the top-right side of your Facebook Page. The drop down menu will give you several options. For this blog, go to the bottom and select “Go to Ads Manager”.

After clicking, you are directed to the advertising manager. To begin, select “Create Campaign”. You will directed a screen that looks like this:


Facebook offers a wealth of methods for you to advertise. In order to decide which method to use, you and your team will need to decide what your advertising objective is. Are you running a campaign, or promoting your services? In order to decide, you need to understand what each advertising method has to offer.

For this blog, we will discuss three of the most popular advertising choices:

1) Boost your Posts

When you choose Boost your posts, you’ll create an ad from a post you’ve already created. Choose this method if your business is seeking to gain engagements – such as likes, shares, and comments.

Boosting your post is likely the best method to use when advertising a limited time offer campaign, or contest. At a cost of no more than $25 each day, running for at least one week, your Boosted Post is bound to receive a surge of engagement.

And even better – a correctly targeted campaign can increase Page Likes, as well! Moreover, engagements and Page Likes for Boosted Posts are organic (have no cost). Essentially, Boosting your Post pushes your selected post to your target audience, and you pay within the parameters of your budget (which is in regard to how many people saw your ad):


The photo above provides information on how many people your ad will reach, based on the dollar amounts you spend. It is clear that, if you are spending more money, you will see greater results.

Understanding the difference between Reach and an Impression is important. Impressions are how many IP addresses the ad has been sent to (even if it was not seen). Reach, on the other hand, is how many people actually saw your ad.

So, considering that Boosting your Posts is in regard to CPM (cost per thousand impressions), it is important that you target your audience effectively, and choose your budget accordingly. The less relevant your ad becomes to your target audience, the less it will appear on their news feed. It also means that you will end up paying a higher CPM.

Pro tip: A Boosted Post has no copy limit. Therefore, you are able to write as much as necessary for your ad!  However, this does not always mean you should – for a campaign, the unlimited copy feature is great tool to list terms and conditions. But, for an ad simply to build awareness, a concise paragraph will suffice just as well.

2) Promote your Page

When you choose Promote your Page, your ad will be optimized to reach people in your audience who are likely to take the action of liking your Page. These ads will appear on your target audiences news feed, along with posts from their friends and family. Promoting your page is the best option, if you are optimizing your campaign to gain Page Likes, or to reach new customers.

Pro Tip: Right column ads are an option for Promote your Page. These are never a wise choice, since they appear only on desktops, and never on mobile. Moreover, Facebook users often only pay attention to posts on their news feed.

3) Send people to your Website

When you choose Send people to your website, you can set a custom destination URL. You have entered a new dimension of advertising – website clicks. This advertising method is perhaps the best method Facebook has to offer, in order to drive your targeted audience to your website.

Choose this method if you are seeking to increase website traffic, gain website or blog subscribers, or even to gain new clients. While Sending people to your Website may not increase Page Likes or Post Engagements, it absolutely increases the number of website visitors – which, naturally, is where you want your future customers to be.

Put it to Work!

Great job! By following the steps in this blog, you have created your Facebook ad! To learn more about how to improve your ad, analysis of statistics, creating your target audience, and pricing your ad, stay tuned to CoastalCreation’s blog! We will be posting a series of blogs, dedicated to Facebook advertising. We’re here to help you!

Good luck, and have fun!

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